What is the Assessment Feedback (OAT)?

The Online Assessment Feedback Tool (‘OAT’) – accessible via the ‘Assessment Feedback’ link in Moodle – enables academics to produce assessment feedback which students can access online – via the ‘Assessment Feedback’ link at the top of the Moodle homepage.

Why use the Assessment Feedback (OAT)?

OAT offers several key benefits to students, including feedback that is:

  • Timely – making it particularly valuable for students executing subsequent work
  • Legible
  • Detailed and accessible

Using OAT, course teams can:

  • Grade assignments against the University Marking Criteria online
  • Give students clear, accessible and timely electronic feedback
  • Send provisional grades to QL, the main registry database

Assessment Feedback Turnaround Policy

View the Assessment Feedback Turnaround Policy.